The class of 2015 lemon bond early experience

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            Autumn, not only we finished university courses in advance into the society. As a training after graduation into the social environment, we came to the beautiful hangzhou bond non-woven co., LTD. Came to our life full of expectation and excitement in the heart, the first stop in state after a month of internship let us feel deeply.

Wang dong dry from tianjin university of technology

          This month's life and work, let me have a lot of experience. Remember the first day on the way to company, let I'm looking forward to, after all, they should live and work there for a month, and this is my first formal practice. After the registration formalities, and then to the staff dormitory. Dormitory condition is quite good, central air conditioning, 24 hours hot water, TV sets and other hardware facilities, accommodation and there is no comparison of the school, the day is the first meal in the dining room to eat supper, price and taste are much better than I imagined.

         Tell me about work on the situation. The first week, visit our interns are in the production workshop. Every workshop for a period of time, the production process, the steps and process, have a certain understanding, and also online staff made some communication. I learn is not professional textile, through learning, a few days in the textile learned a lot of new knowledge. In a non-woven enterprise work, each staff should have a certain understanding. The second week, I went to the warehouse internship, position is warehouse administrator. To begin with, I will follow the teacher to be familiar with the warehouse keeper's work, the master can also often and I explain some of the key and should pay attention to place, meet don't understand and don't understand, I will take the initiative to ask the teacher, he will give me analysis carefully. Now for the contents of the warehouse staff basic understanding, I think the difficulty of the warehouse keeper is not very big, pressure is not big, but be mindful and careful, can not be sloppy, manage warehouse to handle all the things. Teacher's busy, also can call me alone to do some work. Although at first some hurry-scurry, easy to forget the work content, also had some mistakes, I think these are all normal. In master correct and own summary analysis, some improvement, at least some leisurely. At work, oneself also want to think more, watch more, ask more whys, the teacher can not work on everything when it comes to, it will depend on oneself to learn. Also want to communicate and master more at ordinary times, much more active to get things, gain more.

           Hope after this one month internship, I can learn some useful things, add some experience, exercise ability, also can do a little contribution for novartis bond.

Liu Yingping from wuhan university of textile

           To the state, at the beginning of our company is located the geographical position is better than my imagination, not that kind of wild industrial zone, not far away there is a large market, shopping, travel is very convenient. Bond dormitory environment is a bright spot, decoration and furniture configuration, I am very satisfied. The most let me happy is my roommate, easy to get along with, ready to help others, can fit as soon as possible for me to liu bang laid a foundation.

           When it comes to work, in a laboratory study has ten days, and when I first got into the laboratory, the director asked me what position you are interested, I chose the professional aspects of their work. At the thought that to practice, practice is also a part of learning, you must first understand is some practical knowledge on nonwoven, hopes to better the theory with practice, enrich and enrich their knowledge in the university, can make their own knowledge and more systematic and comprehensive thinking methods. Competent state lab is so harmonious, amiable, no official, colleague relationship is better. Everyone is a young man, a joke each other, mutual black, don't care.

           Attending the 2014 session of lemon once a month after the class meeting, lenovo to this half a month, what you hear and see the myriad of thoughts. The group is so young, so vigorous, her staff and innovation is so good. It can be seen from the inside, the future is not limited and forecast!

Zhou Xueyuan from wuhan university of textile

           Excitement and curiosity in the heart has not been dispersed and draw to a close a month of internship. Norfolk state brought me too much surprise and challenges, overturns the I to the factory some self concept. I was at school to learn professional nonwoven, before he came, bond for spunlaced nonwovens enterprises is not completely realized. Leave campus to foreign companies for the first time, to the states will worry about not accustomed to the factory at the beginning of life, can't finish their internship as well, and the state gave me a big surprise, in addition to have beautiful dormitory, warm and friendly, gentiles had left a deep impression on me. Here, I didn't feel left out, you are sincere and friendly. Not to let a person afflictive acosmia feeling, no one think of themselves as a weird, in this atmosphere, I quickly into the state of life.

In the production line is the life is tired and happy, on the production line of work is a long time, the beginning of more beside do a bystander, online job also don't know how to help, don't know where they will patiently explain, are not learn in school knowledge, this is to own a kind of experience, polished away our fresh water chestnut, let me in after graduation faster into his role in life, for nations to make their own power.

Sail from wuhan university of textile

          To the workshop learning has been a month, for the people and things around started to become no longer strange, feeling quite a lot in these three weeks, harvest is also quite a lot.

          Back when entering the workshop tour, I for a variety of parts and components, all kinds of process are novel, when familiar with the various jobs and then slowly find repeated mechanical work boring and boring, boring. But, when you really step into jobs, but suddenly found each contains the knowledge.

          My study began in the workshop of a quality of the products, cotton carding machine came out that day, and when the production is 70% viscose product, problem solved soon. The teacher asked me why, I stumble along while, said the specious let myself feel very ashamed. Just came out, after all, this is my professional knowledge, the school has been forgotten. Although the school to learn knowledge and actual production has a lot of difference, but still had not not forget for a moment in my mind. Then I consulted with modestly teacher, originally I only know the characteristics of the fiber, don't understand the characteristics of the carding machine work. Non-woven equipment and technology is really be short of one cannot, I used to know is more technological knowledge, know too little, but the equipment of equipment and technology combine to produce quality excellent product quality. After that, I know the water thorn modestly each device, when online appeared some problems, I have to find the teacher asked questions, books or surf the Internet after work in combination with the technology of the knowledge that his former one-to-one correspondence to find out the cause of the accident. When professional knowledge can be combined with their own work, I have a sense of accomplishment. Perhaps this is also the people a sense of vanity, when meet the vanity of, will be more motivated to learn, to work, to develop mental space, to enhance professional knowledge, that is a state of work, now I am a learning method.

         Will learn, know learning is a kind of growth, but only a mentality change, a persistence is a kind of growth. Workshop schedules is really let a person very difficult, need to go to a class 12 hours, when eight in the morning after the night shift on return to dormitory to sleep to 6 o 'clock in the afternoon. In the most difficult is, however, need to get rid of your negative thoughts. Fortunately, I insisted on down. Probably this is to grow the insist, this change of mindset, validation of our growth, with the growth of our footprint in the workshop, grow up, perhaps many years later when we back, will find this is valuable fortune in our life.

        Workshop internship really very tired very bitter, but these experiences from these lessons is the growth of others did not have, is the wealth of my sole, pain and happy, learning and growth, through wind and rain to see the rainbow. I have always believed that "the day will drop responsibility on people, also will first frustrates, harasses", "so to stimulate, gain its can't".

        Starting step out of the campus gate into the society, we must learn to grow up. We by a follow one's inclinations, fine students to now become the workshop production line of interns, we must first from the psychological knowledge to change their social status, second bear their responsibilities from the action. We can always cut class at school, being late or leave early, can even cut school day, but in the workshop, we have our own jobs, have their own responsibilities, we must take the responsibility, no one can help you, if you want to survive in society, we must use their own hands to create a bright future. Maybe very tired, maybe tears, but the dream is in the front, you don't work hard forward, how to achieve your dream. Perhaps it is the rainy day on the road in life, but as long as we believe, as long as we insist, can see the sun through the fog.

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